2 Acre Investment Property for Sale in Squamish BC

Looking to sell as a holding property with present owner interested to lease back for several years, could also be the care taker or part time security or employee, for a landlord, interested to create some other enterprises, besides my present Home business, wile anticipating to life and continue to use the property, while leasing here.with other possible uses, that could be envisioned: fiire wood, landscaping supply and plant care taking and supply, material storage etc. Dog Walking and play area all fence and save

In the past I was growing for my self sufficiency and or organic produce, good for bee keeping for instant.

Prices for houses in Squamish have dropped in general some what, from the overheated marked of the last few years and some claim it to be a buyers market now. This property however, being as close to a bare land property with a small house, used by me as a bachelor for a work in progress residence and several work shops with lots of storage and even so, classified as Rural/Residential in the OCP, when I started, my Hobby- farm/home enterprise existence, creating no problem, having many neighbours as entrepreneurs, all living and working on there properties, all properties being the original size of approx 2 acres each.

There is a Taxi business, a Trucking outfit across from me and several dog businesses, as well as a crane operator with all his equipment on this road. I call it an "enterprise zone" and very rare, with relative low Taxes and surrounded by single home dwellings. The benefit of being so close to the business park, literally a few minutes by foot, with deliveries within minutes from especially one industrial supplier, ordered by phone..delivered free of charge by car, within minutes, as well as Walmart, Home Depot and all the mayor Building material suppliers, making it a paradise for some one, interested in building things..

A very rare find on the flat, with lots of sunshine in my case and lovely mountain view, as I have a ROW partly on my property, keeping vegetation down, but as a trade-of, lots of scenery and sunshine, even so still having lots of big trees and shade around the house in the hot summer.

This kind of a property is not suffering on a market down turn, as the mainly land based property and location, is the value and the house just a place to live for a young entrepreneur, with relative low taxes and lots of interesting add on,s and to create something special.

I am still on two wells that I dug myself, as I also did for my neighbour at the time, even so we now have full services by the municipality, water, sewer, that I don,t have to pay for, until we connect to their services , Internet service is excellent with fibre optic, also much appreciated.

The property could also without too much paper work, have 2 dwellings on it, even so some developers where predicting up to 8 possible dwellings potential E&OE Priced as of today without real estate $ 1,439,000, If committed before end of July, possible later, add real estate cost.


  • 2.09 Acres.
  • Very centrally located, Literally only a 5 minute drive to Downtown Squamish, the Recreation Center, with ball fields, pool, ice arena, the Industrial Park and all the local big box stores, all in walking distance with nice save bike trails through out great for biking and climbing, Kite surfing.and many other sports, only 30 Minutes from Whistler Mtn
  • Reduced tax assessment (about $3,500/yr) due to a BC Hydro right of way through part of the property. The right of way could be reduced in the future, due to power line upgrades possible.
  • Lovely mountain view in a very quite neighbourhood. The house area is totally surrounded by big trees and very cool in the summer and protected from wind.
  • Property is good for a hobby farm and the present zoning allows for up to 12 horse boarding.

The home has a total living space on 2 floors of about 1200 square feet. It is currently incomplete but livable includes a:

  • upstairs open living/kitchen space
  • downstairs has a washroom, 2 rooms and a spiral staircase to the upstairs.
  • Solarium on top Flore with BBQ area
  • an outside handy cap elevator, optional to stay possibly
  • has electric baseboard heating with supplemental, wood fired external water heating stand alone,
  • with underground plumbing to the radiators in the house, for hot water heat.
  • is fitted with the infrastructure for built-in sprinkler system, for future fire protection, and built-in vacuum

LNG is expected to be ready to be shipped by 2023. A contractor for instant, that is setting up to help build the LNG facility, would obviously love to have the acreage to store

  • heavy equipment and repair facilities
  • 2 work shops on site, to do there own maintenance and store what ever they supply, to this
  • 4 construction, having afterwards the benefit of the capital gain and or a property that can be converted into an executive estate, with horse privileges as by now 12 horse boarding or
  • Dog walk and play area,with lots of land to grow food, with potential veterinary services, horse rehabilitation and riding rink etc., these are just a few ideas one could entertain.
  • Natural gas services are nearby but require some extra infrastructure.

Lots of room to operate a business on-site. Property currently has:

  • double garage,
  • a 40x20 workshop, beside the house, fully equipped and heated with a wood stove.
  • a second, steel post wood panel shop 12?34 ft & about 18 ft high, cranes, to accommodate
  • A-class RVs, and roll up doors on both side.
  • A car hoist under construction
  • In the back is a 2 Horse stable,
  • a ~ 200 ft Duck Pond, (not lined) could be made into a water attraction or pool